Taskfire - The Only Internal IT Service Desk Solution Linked Directly to Your Service Provider
  • Improve internal IT service delivery
  • Provide just-in-time access to needed resources
  • Ensure coverage for remote offices and employees
  • Reduce complexity and costs of multiple vendors
Taskfire is a powerful, hosted service desk and ticket management system your staff can use to manage internal IT service issues. Taskfire gives your internal IT team a fully-integrated platform for accepting, triaging, assigning and resolving service issues, and gives your employees a simple, web-interface for submitting those issues and tracking their progress.

What separates Taskfire from every other internal help desk system - even solutions costing many times more - is the direct link to your preferred external IT service provider. This gives you the unique ability to configure the platform in any way you chose to efficiently and seamlessly share the responsibility of managing your IT resources. That's why we call it the world's first Co-Managed Service Desk. Taskfire helps you get the most out of your internal IT staff and allows you to work more efficiently and productively with your external service provider.

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